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IT Giant Burhan Mirza Shares His Insights on Battling Failure

Most industries consider entrepreneurs to be the pioneers of their respective fields. IT giant Burhan Mirza is no different. When it comes to IT solutions in Pakistan, Burhan Mirza’s name is the first that comes to mind, and for good reason. In times when Pakistan was still in turmoil over its way to the digital transition, Burhan Mirza acted as the trailblazer of the IT industry.

Even at the height of his career and life, Burhan Mirza did not choose to stop dreaming. One after another, he tackled all challenges the world threw at him. With his meticulous work ethic and articulated personality, Burhan Mirza quickly rose to fame as Pakistan’s renowned life coach and motivational speaker. In his own words, “Success is just lurking around the corner.”

The enterprising CEO recently opened up about his experiences and journey to becoming one of Pakistan’s top IT giants by stating, “No success story in this world has not had its ups and downs.” He further added, “Rough patches are normal.”

Burhan Mirza is a firm believer in the ideology that, without pain, there can be no greatness. He also advises aspiring entrepreneurs not to give up on their dreams and to never stop trying to reach for greatness.

The IT goliath started his journey in a country that had no prior knowledge nor experience in the IT industry, and despite the lucrative opportunities presented from abroad, Burhan chose to stay behind and revolutionize Pakistan, etching his name into Pakistan’s history books. He also resonates with up-and-coming entrepreneurs’ feelings of failure and regret and tells them to “… go through the pain to achieve success.”

Furthermore, he expounded on his ideals by emphasizing the importance of struggle and pain in an entrepreneur’s life.

“The rise towards your vision is long and steep.”

For Burhan, failure is one of the greatest teachers and one he chose to learn from. However, much to his disdain, he sees young entrepreneurs surrender in the face of defeat and failure. In his own words, “Pain is temporary, it may last for a minute, a day, a week, a month, even a year, but it will eventually go away, it will subside…” He further emphasized, “You alone are responsible for your life, your friends, and your work.”

Rough Patches

For Burhan, the secret to success lies in trying until failure is no longer an option. The only trait that separates entrepreneurs from conventional businessmen is their burning passion for innovation and curiosity for venturing into uncharted territories. However, doing so does not come without its risks. There are times when failure is unavoidable, and success is not even in sight; however, trudging through those difficult times is what shapes an entrepreneur. The enterprising motivational speaker shared his thoughts, “Rough patches are normal.” During another session, he further explained, “Each success story is actually a testament of someone’s strong character.”


The most common mistake that leads even the most optimistic entrepreneurs and businessmen down the dark path of depression and mental regression is the idea of ‘Just winging it.’ Burhan shared his two cents on the matter, “You must be clear about what I want to do and why I want to do it. It’s best if you were as transparent as possible.”

Learning is an eternal process, one that we should never abandon if we want to prosper and move forward in life, making the insight of experts like Burhan Mirza all the more valuable. As an inspirational speaker and life coach, the IT giant frequently chastises young minds to prepare them for the future of Pakistan.